My passion is creating unique, rustic furnishings that are inspired by nature and western living... My creations are truly timeless.
Reclaimed timbers & planks with chokecherry pulls
The Sawdust & Shavings Shop...  
Isn’t a factory. I'm just a simple man… making a living for my family, doing what I love. But, my business approach is a little unconventional.    

  Most people feel the best business strategy is to serve the largest possible number of people. To do that, the majority “Henry Ford It” …selling standardized items cranked out on an assembly line. But, true individualized, western, furniture, doesn’t lend itself to an assembly line. When I create a piece of furniture, there are rarely detailed plans drawn out on paper. It’s more a response to the character of the wood. It is harsh weather, decay, various tree blights, and the impossibility of duplication that dictates each design and makes this truly Keen Furniture
  Something very special is lost when greed drives our choices. When the most important factors are “how fast” and “how cheap” a product can be produced, the character of that item is choked, materials are compromised, and quality and heart suffer. It’s as if our society has OUTLAWED solid wood, handmade, American craftsmanship. If that’s the case, than consider me and my brand of furniture OUTLAWS.  

 I’m not trying to provide furniture for the masses. Just for a few nice, down to earth folks that appreciate distinctive, hand built furnishings, with a western flair, that can be handed down to your grand children.

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The American West Lives On